Jamie O'Hara has been working in Los Angeles in the VFX industry for the last 12 years as a concept artist, art director and VFX supervisor. With over a decade of experience in the industry he has worked with some of the top leading companies including: Method, Framestore, The Mill, The Moving Picture Company, ALT.vfx and Psyop. Before working in post production Jamie worked as a camera assistant on many film and commercial productions. Although he studied cinematography it was the creative design work that ultimately won over and he has continued to broaden his skill set in concept and character development ever since.

In the last few years of living in Los Angeles Jamie has pushed his art further under the tuition of renowned artists such as: Simon Lee, Carlos Huante, Jordu Schell, Ron Husband and Scott Eaton. He is forever wanting to develop ways in which to make captivating creatures and characters.

Blue Pencil Concept is the collected work of Jamie O'Hara and the various mediums he employs to create, design and realize his ideas. The birth of the blue pencil concept goes back to the traditional animation process where the raw design process was done using a blue pencil. These drawings were loose and rough but were full of energy and creativity. The goal of Blue Pencil Concept is to share the different aspects of Jamie's work. Whether it's sketches or professional work the vast spectrum of creativity is there to entertain, inform and ultimately inspire others.

Jamie can be reached at bluepencilconcept@gmail.com



Blue Pencil Concept

Jamie O'Hara

Los angeles, CA